Funeral Services

W.A.Forsey founded Forsey and Son in 1946 based upon a very simple but important mantra:

“To alleviate the sorrow of parting, is to render a service to mankind. To this our every effort is respectfully dedicated”.

We still strongly believe that in whatever service we offer this ideal should be upheld and that care and consideration is ever-present. Details of our funeral services and what they include is shown below, but to discuss the options in more detail with our team of dedicated staff, please contact us at your convenience.

Our Professional Services, included in all of our funeral options, are:

Our funeral services then fall into three categories:

Description Direct Cremation Basic Economy Bespoke
Disbursements ***
Full payment due up-front
Provision of a limousine
Available at an additional cost
Available at an additional cost
Choice of lined and fitted coffin
Simple coffin
Simple coffin
Simple coffin - alternatives available
Crematorium permit attendance
Choice of date and time of the funeral
Use of our Chapel of Rest **
Provision of funeral personnel
Provision of a hearse
Professional fees
From £2,190
From £2,461

† In the case of a Direct Cremation, the transportation will be in a Hearsette

* Provision of a traditional hearse and necessary personnel. Other options are available at a different cost. 

** Where the Chapel of Rest is not included in the ‘Basic Economy Funeral’, viewings can be arranged at an additional cost. For the ‘Direct Cremation’, no viewings are possible.

*** Disbursements for the ‘Direct Cremation’ option are included to permit the funeral to take place. Disbursements for the ‘Basic Economy Funeral’ and the ‘Bespoke Funeral’ can be added at prices in accordance with our price list. Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors for options and prices.

Standardised Price List

Funeral Directors are now required to publish a ‘Standardised Price List’ which will facilitate comparisons with other Funeral Directors in the local area. In addition to comparing prices, we have highlighted the below points to consider when choosing a Funeral Director:-

The Standardised Price List can be found at the link HERE.

The Additional Options Price List can be found at the link HERE.

In addition to the Standardised Price List, Funeral Directors are required to list their key terms of business, ultimate business ownership and a disclosure of interests. Please find the relevant information HERE.

Funeral Notices

Letting people know that your loved one has passed away can be a daunting and challenging task, often the thought of circulating the news or trying to reach everyone can be overwhelming. One way in which the burden can be eased is through a notice in a local, or indeed national, newspaper. Within this notice, information pertaining to the funeral can also be included; the date and time, floral tributes wishes, donation information and any other information you deem to be important.

We can place notices in any newspaper you wish, providing they have the facility to do so. Equally, these days, many publications include a free online notice when you place a notice in the physical newspaper. 

To see the funeral notices for funerals conducted by Forsey and Son, please click the link HERE. Please note, the link is only relevant for such local publications as The Western Daily Press, The Western Gazette and the Mid-Somerset Series. For online notices in national newspapers, please go directly to their websites to locate the placements.