Forsey and Son Independent Funeral Directors in Somerset

Attended Simple Cremation


In this day and age, given the diversity within the UK and the Mendip region, it is hard to know what constitutes a traditional funeral. Families are given more choice than ever before, ensuring that the send-off for their loved one is bespoke, personal and meaningful.

To that end, the local crematoria have an offering whereby you can attend the chapel with your immediate family and close friends to say farewell and pay your respects to your loved one, without the formality of a bespoke funeral. A short time in the chapel lasting 10 minutes can take place, 8 immediate family and close friends can attend and music can be played.

We are delighted to offer our ‘Attended Simple Cremation’ package which allows you to take advantage of this option of a very simple funeral for your loved one. The offering includes;

  • All of the necessary professional services and attending to the required administration for the funeral;
  • Provision of a simple coffin;
  • Four pallbearers in attendance;
  • A hearse utilised to transport your loved one to the crematorium; and
  • One of our funeral directors, who will be there on the day to guide you through.

Please note, the crematorium will be one of our choosing and they fix the time at either 9.00am or 9.30am, but you will have flexibility, subject to availability, over the date of the funeral.

The package is all inclusive, there are no hidden fees, and is priced at £2,625.

Similar to our ‘Unattended Direct Cremation’ package, there is no option for viewing your loved one in our chapel of rest and there is no allowance for the handling of non-essential disbursements. If you require any additional non-essential disbursements (for example, service sheets or flowers etc.) we are able to offer you a more tailored service through our Bespoke Funeral option.