Forsey and Son Independent Funeral Directors in Somerset

Unattended Direct Cremation


According to a recent study performed by SunLife, cremation remains the most popular form of funeral service with 75% of the UK population opting for cremation over burial. In addition to this, with the rising costs of funerals due to inflation and third party cost increases, people are increasingly becoming more price sensitive and aware and some families are opting for a funeral without a ceremony, often referred to as a ‘Direct Cremation’.

Notable direct cremations in the past few years have included David Bowie, and whilst not in line with our comprehensive service for a more traditional funeral, we are happy to provide a direct cremation, should you desire but would just qualify that such a funeral includes only the items essential to carry out a very basic cremation.

The cost of our ‘Unattended Direct Cremation’ funeral, including only essential disbursements (or third party costs) for the crematorium and doctors for preparation of forms, is £1,850 and is due prior to the funeral taking place.

We would like to highlight that some of our competitors do not make it abundantly clear about what their direct cremation packages include or do not include. Please be aware of this when comparing us with our local competitors. Our preference is to be completely transparent and inform you that our price is inclusive of all essential fees and there are no hidden costs. The only variation to the noted price above is if your loved one passes away outside of our office hours, there will be a supplemental charge of £195.

A direct cremation is usually the most basic service offered by any funeral directing firm, avoiding the formality of a traditional funeral. Families choosing a funeral should be fully aware of the limited services this includes and understand it bears little similarity to what most people would expect for a traditional funeral in this geographical area.

We would just like to reassure you that no matter the extent of the funeral service offered we will conduct ourselves with the same level of care, compassion and professionalism when looking after your loved one.

If you wish to add other services to the funeral arrangements, such as handling donations, attending the crematorium, visiting the Chapel of Rest, having some choice in the time of the service, then we would be happy to discuss your requirements and give you an estimate of the likely costs for a more Bespoke Funeral.