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Environmentally Friendly Funeral Vehicles

Environmentally Friendly Funeral Vehicles
Environmental focus is on every agenda at the moment. Looking after our plant is paramount not only for our present but also for our future.

That is why here at Forsey and Son, we decided to do our bit for the planet and upgrade our funeral fleet to hybrid vehicles. Electric hearses and limousines are still very much in their infancy, but the hybrid options on the market are numerous and so we decided to give one a try!

We approached Coleman Milne, a specialist funeral vehicle manufacturer, about their Ford based hybrid range and were very impressed with not only the look of the vehicles but also the environmental impact statistics they were able to demonstrate to us.

In the words of Colman Milne:

“Fusing energy and efficiency, the Coleman Milne Ford based hybrid range sources power from both a battery driven electric motor and fuel engine. The smart technology effortlessly switches between the two powertrains or uses a combination of both. The high-voltage battery is recharged using the energy normally lost through friction breaking so there’s no need to stop and plug in”.

For the full article based upon our purchase, please visit the Colman Milne website.

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