Forsey and Son Independent Funeral Directors in Somerset



Choosing the right coffin for your loved one is a deeply personal decision, one that reflects their personality, values, and the life they lived. At Forsey and Son, we offer a diverse range of coffins to accommodate all preferences, needs, and budgets, ensuring that every family can find a fitting tribute to their loved one.

Among our offerings, willow coffins stand out as a popular and natural choice. Crafted with care and skill passed down through four generations, these coffins are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly but also embody beauty and tranquillity in their design. 

Each coffin is woven by hand with willow harvested from a Somerset farm, ensuring the highest standards of quality and service. The dedication to excellence is evident in every strand and weave, making each willow coffin a testament to both tradition and craftsmanship.

Our range of handcrafted willow coffins is extensive, offering both traditional shapes and curved ends, alongside a fully bespoke service. We understand the importance of personalisation in honouring a unique life, and our friendly team is dedicated to working with families to create truly bespoke designs. Whether you’re drawn to a specific colour, style, or have a unique idea in mind, we’re here to bring those visions to life.