Forsey and Son Independent Funeral Directors in Somerset

Adrian is proud to be the third generation to run the family business and continue the foundational principles and ethics laid down by his father Brian and grandfather Bert. Although he still observes and incorporates many of the traditional elements of our caring profession, he also looks to be forward thinking and ensure both Forsey and Son and Trotman offer a fully comprehensive and current service to bereaved families.

He holds professional qualifications in Funeral Directing, Embalming and Health and Hygiene in the Funeral Service.

The environment is a prime consideration for Adrian, with the entire funeral day fleet currently being petrol/electric hybrids and moves are afoot to direct us towards a carbon neutral status company.

A true family affair, Adrian’s wife Helen and dog Betty are also involved in the business – one as an organist and receptionist and the other as the Chief Comforter. We will leave you to work out which is which!

Probably the proudest day in his working life was when his son Sam decided to leave his job as a chartered accountant for KPMG to become the fourth generation to continue the business as an independent family concern. In a world where corporate giants are taking over many aspects of our lives and indeed most of our competitors, securing our independent and family status for another generation means better focus on our community and the families we serve.

Adrian’s outside interests include woodturning, sailing, healthy cooking, community voluntary projects and in recent years developing a knowledge of health and well-being.

His 30+ years as a funeral director has also given him a privileged insight into how precious each day is and what in life holds the most value (so often, that which money cant buy.)

One of his favourite quotes is “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”.