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Funeral Services


W.A. Forsey founded Forsey and Son in 1946 based upon a very simple but important mantra:

“To alleviate the sorrow of parting, is to render a service to mankind. To this our every effort is respectfully dedicated.”

We still strongly believe that in whatever service we offer this ideal should be upheld and that care and consideration is ever-present. Details of our funeral services and what they include is shown below, but to discuss the options in more detail with our team of dedicated staff, please contact us at your convenience.

Our Professional Services, included in all of our funeral options, are:

We have shown below our funeral package options, but we understand that every funeral is different and therefore we are happy to discuss your exact requirements and create a truly bespoke and special funeral for your loved one.


Details of our two funeral package options and the bespoke funeral option are contained within the links below.

Unattended Direct Cremation

For those wishing for a quiet and dignified cremation, with all of the care of a ‘traditional’ funeral, but without the ceremony, we offer our ‘Unattended Direct Cremation’.


Simple Cremation

For those who still wish to attend the crematorium to say goodbye to their loved one, but do not wish for the pageantry of a ‘traditional’ funeral, we offer our ‘Attended Simple Cremation’.



We recognise that a ‘traditional’ or ‘normal’ funeral does not exist, so can tailor our services to give your loved one a truly unique and personal send off through our ‘Bespoke Funeral’.

from £2,825

Our 'Pavilion' Packages

The Pavilion ‘Simple’ with Direct Cremation

For close family and friends who still wish to say a personal goodbye, we offer our Pavilion ‘Simple’ with Direct Cremation service, which makes use of our charming on-site space; The Pavilion for an intimate gathering followed by an unattended direct cremation


The Pavilion ‘Plus’ with Direct Cremation

Whereas our Pavilion ‘Simple’ with Direct Cremation package is a more intimate reflection service, this option is a comprehensive in-house offering, with a full service permitted, without travelling to the crematorium. The Pavilion can also be used as a venue for refreshments following the service.


Summary of Funeral Services

Unattended Direct Cremation
Attended Simple Cremation
Pavilion ‘Simple’
Pavilion ‘Plus’
Bespoke Funeral
Professional fees
Provision of funeral personnel
Essential disbursements incl. *
Option to add non-essential disbursements
Choice of date and time of the funeral **
Length of funeral service
Crematorium dependent
20 minutes
45 minutes
Venue dependent
Crematorium permit attendance **
Choice of lined and fitted coffin
Simple coffin
Simple coffin
Simple coffin
Simple coffin ***
Client choice
Provision of a hearse / hearsette
Hearse, alternatives available
Provision of a limousine
Available at an additional cost
Provision of service sheets
50 copies
Available at an additional cost
Use of our Chapel of Rest
Use of Pavilion as a reception venue
Available at an additional cost
Full payment due up-front
Ability to alter package
From £2,825

* Disbursements for the ‘Unattended Direct Cremation’ and ‘Attended Simple Cremation’ options are included to permit the funeral to take place. Disbursements for the ‘Bespoke Funeral’ can be added at prices in accordance with our Additional Options Price List. Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors for options and prices.

** Whereas there is flexibility on the date of the ‘Attended Simple Cremation’ the service times are dictated by the crematorium, and tend to be early in the day. In addition, each crematoria has differing levels of permitted attendance. Please consult a Funeral Director for details.

*** A simple coffin is included as standard, but other options are available at an additional cost.

Standardised Price List

Funeral Directors are now required to publish a ‘Standardised Price List’ which will facilitate comparisons with other Funeral Directors in the local area. In addition to comparing prices, we have highlighted the below points to consider when choosing a Funeral Director:

In additional to the Standardised Price List, we have also included a list of our Additional Options which can be used to better understand the prices of the additional services we can offer as part of our Bespoke Funeral.

We are also required to list our key terms of business, ultimate business ownership and a disclosure of interests.